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Schedule 2024

Classes - $30 (descriptions below) 
Open Gym - $25


Class and Open Gym Details

All children should start with our Beginner classes. In order to be eligible for Advanced class, athletes must complete level testing, which take place every 7 weeks. 


Beginner classes - Ninjas level 0-2

Advanced classes - Ninjas Level 3-5

Traverse Pro  Team - The Traverse Team is focused on preparation for high level competitions, strength and conditioning, as well as building team camaraderie. Attendance at every practice session is not required and for this initial team anyone who wants to be on it will be allowed to, although please keep in mind that this is for competition preparation. In the future we might hold tryouts and have different tiers of the team depending on how big it gets. For ages 7-14.

Open Gym is the perfect time to come in and practice your skills, or just play on the obstacles. We have three ninja or areas which will be pointed out at the start of your first open gym. During open gym anyone 14 years old or older can go in any of these areas. Youth (ages 6-13) can only go in our youth areas.

Family Open Gym is like regular open gym except that it's only for ages 6-13, plus their family members. Also during this open gym kids are allowed to go into the adult area of the gym as long as they have a parent with them.

Birthdays for kids and adults can be booked with us. Find out more here!

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