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Schedule 2024


    Open Gym - $25       Classes - $30     
Drop-in prices; save big with a membership! 
Descriptions and Details below:


Class and Open Gym Details

All children should start with our Beginner classes. In order to be eligible for Advanced class, athletes must complete level testing, which take place every 7 weeks. 


Beginner Class - All Ninjas Welcome - for ages 6-15

Advanced Class - Ninjas Level 3+ (increasing to Level 4 this August)

Traverse Pro  Team - for Ninjas Level 1-6
The Traverse Team is focused on preparation for high-level competitions! At practices, we teach course-running strategies with unique courses every week, and our professional coaching team shares advanced physical and mental techniques to prepare our athletes for local, regional, national, and world-wide ninja competitions each year. 

Age 6-15
Must have earned at least Level 1 in Tevel Testing.

Open Gym is the perfect time to come and explore the obstacles on your own!
Because coaches must lifeguard the entire gym, we have less opportunity to individually coach techniques, but are happy to help by answering questions. For more in-depth coaching, we recommend classes for kids and private lessons for adults!

Kids under 14 must be at least Level 3 to use the Pro Side (increasing to Level 4 this August).

Family Open Gym functions the same as open gym, except that it's only for ages 6-13, plus family members. Also during this open gym, kids are allowed to go into the "Pro Side" as long as they have a parent with them the entire time. Attending a family open gym can be a great way to satisfy your ninja's curiosity of the Pro Side obstacles in a more controlled setting; no professional ninjas flying through the area! Family open gym sessions are from 5:00-6:00 pm every Monday and Wednesday.

Birthday Parties for kids and adults are in high demand!
We have party availability every weekend. Find out more here!

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