Traverse Ninja Competitions

July 10th we will be holding our first competition on 2021! This will be the first to include youth, ages 8+. Competitors are broken up into age groups (based on current age), and they will all run two courses. Youth and Teen competitors can compete in one age group higher than their own if they want to challenge older competitors. Please make sure you sign up for the correct age group. Scroll down to see General Rules, Schedule, and Cost.

There will be medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each age group!

Spectators are allowed, no charge!

Anyone who is not fully vaccinated will have to wear a mask. This is on the honor system but please keep the safety of the kids in mind.

General Rules


Please don’t be late for the rules walkthrough. We have a tight schedule and if you miss the rules we cannot repeat them for you. If you do miss the rules, you will have to get them from another competitor.


Winner placement will be determined by whoever goes the furthest on the course in the fastest time. Placement is based on the first obstacle failed. Every competitor will get two scratches to try more obstacles after that first fail, but the rest of the run won’t count towards their ranking. Every course will also have a time limit so your run will end when you have failed your third obstacle or your time has expired.


We will have the course set up on Friday 7/9. In order to compete for the medals you cannot come to the open gym on Friday or Saturday to practice the obstacles. If you or your child don’t want to compete for the medals and would rather practice ahead of the competition, then it’s perfectly fine to come to the open gyms.




4:45pm - 5:05pm = Check-in

5:05pm = Gathering of the groups and rules walkthrough

5:30pm = Rules finish/warm-up for first runners

5:45pm = Start of runs!


When everyone finishes their first run the groups will switch courses, go over the rules for the second course, then begin with the same run order. We can’t put a time on this because it’s dependent on how long it takes each runner to get through the course.


When everything is finished we’ll present the medals and then all of the competitors will get to play on the courses for an hour. This hour is for competitors only.




Early Bird Registration (6/13 - 7/2) = $70

Normal Registration (7/3 - 7/8) = $80

Late Registration (7/8 - 7/10) = $85

*We cannot accept registrations the day of the competition