Team Competition!

We're excited to be hosting another Team Competition for adults and youth! These Team comps have been incredibly fun and our last one was a huge hit!



This competition will be held on December 3rd for the adults (ages 13+), and December 4th for the youth (ages 6-12). The adult comp will run from 6:15pm - 10pm. The youth comp will run from 2pm - ~6pm. End time for both comps depends on how quickly the comp runs, it might go longer or shorter.


Cost is $65 per person.

Spectators for the Adult competition are welcome! It's $10 per person ages 6+, spectators are free for the youth comp. Adult spectator sign-up

*Family members of competitors and youth competitors from earlier in the day don't need to pay to spectate.

It will be the same format for both youth and adults, but the Team composition is different between the two. See below for details

Team Composition:

Youth teams are made up of three people. 

Teams are going to be randomized and evaluated by the coaches to try to make every team as fair as possible. November 30th will be the last day to sign up so that we can create the teams. It's also fun (but not required) to coordinate team outfits/colors and come up with a team name!

Adult teams are made up of four people, ages 13+.

Teams are formed by the competitors ahead of time. Female competitors will get bonus points for their team in the skills portion. It's also fun (but not required) to coordinate team outfits/colors and come up with a team name! If you need help finding someone for your team, or if you're looking for a team, reach out to us at

Competition Format:

There will be three rounds. Relay course, speed course, skills. The relay and speed rounds will be run simulatanteously.

Relay Course - The full team runs a course relay style! Each member of the team will take a section of the course comprising of 2-3 obstacles. A failed obstacle is just a scratch and comes with a time penalty.

Speed Course - A course designed to be run quickly! Each member of the team will run this course individually, there are scratches and time penalties for failed obstacles.

Skills round - The skills round tests certain ninja skills, past examples include most rungs on a salmon ladder in 30 seconds or warped wall with the smallest run up. There will be a skill for each member of the team to compete on. Teams will select which member does which skill. They can only do one skill each.