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Season # 2

The Cave in Marin, Traverse Fitness in Richmond, and MVMNTM in Concord are teaming up to turn ninja into a sport in the bay area!

Traverse Registration Links Below!

We're excited to announce the second season of the Bay Area Ninja League (BANL)! The first season was a huge success in growing this sport and we're planning on building on that this season. We're now opening it up to all age groups! We're also working on getting sponsored prizes for the finals.

Age Groups:

Your age group is determined by your age at the start of the season, June 26th. The age groups are 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17, 18+. Youth competitions are from ages 6-14, Adult competitions are from ages 15+.

Competition Format:

The format is basically the same as last year. Everyone runs two different courses. Age groups will run in separate heats. The qualifiers are run as individuals, in the Finals you represent your home gym. For this season, we've adopted the points format of the finals last year where each obstacle is worth one point. To qualify for the finals you must earn at least one point. Points will be added up after the qualifiers and will determine the run order in the finals. The more points you have, the later in the run order you'll be!

Schedule and Cost:



June 26th - Youth Qualifier at Traverse

July 16th - Adult Qualifier at Movementum

July 17th - Youth Qualifier at Movementum

August 14th - Youth Qualifier at The Cave

August 27th - Adult Qualifier at Traverse

Sept 17th - Adult Qualifier at Movementum

Sept 18th - Youth Qualifier at Movementum

October 2nd - Youth Qualifier at The Cave

October 15th - Adult Qualifier at Traverse

November 5th Adult Finals at Traverse

November 6th Youth Finals at Traverse


Cost - 

$65 - until two weeks before a competition

$70 - starting two weeks out

$75 - the last 3 days

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