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Bay Area Ninja League Finals

The finals were held on January 22nd and were a huge success!

Bay Area Ninja League Finals

The finals are here! We will be putting the gyms head to head for this final competition. This will be done by having the competitors choose their "home gym" via a google survey. Every competitor will run two courses individually, with each obstacle they clear counting as one point. We will take the points of the top 5 competitors from each gym to determine which gym is the winner! We'll have banners for the gyms to hang for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each age group and overall score! In addition, every competitor will get a Bay Area Ninja League finals shirt!

Due to the current surge in covid cases we will be increasing our covid protocols for this event:
- Only immediate family members will be allowed to spectate.
- Temperature checks will be given at the door.
- Everyone will have to wear masks, including competitors while running the course.

Age groups will be broken up into different heats so we can't give an exact schedule yet as we need to determine it by sign-ups. The first check in will be for the 7-8 age group starting at 1:30pm.

Use the link below to register. Select the correct date range then scroll down to the sign-up.

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