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We have two huge competition events
coming up in December! 

1. BANL - Dec 2
2. UNAA - Dec 16


Season 3

The Cave in Marin, Traverse Fitness in Richmond, and MVMNTM in Concord are teaming up to grow ninja as a sport in the bay area!

banl-23-T copy.png

We're excited to announce the third season of the Bay Area Ninja League (BANL)! 

Age Groups:
Your age group is determined by your age at the start of the season, Oct 15. The age groups are 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14.

Competition Format:

  • Age groups will run in separate heats

  • Each athlete will get the chance to run two different courses at every comp.

  • Each obstacle completed earns the athelete one point. To qualify for the finals you must earn at least 12 points. Each qualifier has a minimum of 12 possible points you can earn. You can choose to participate in multiple qualifiers to accumulate enough points for Finals. Points will be added up after the qualifiers and will determine the run order in the finals. The more points you have, the later in the run order you'll be!

  • In the Finals, we compete as gym teams! The points earned by each athlete are added to their home gym's total, and the team with the most points takes home the gold!


DEC  2  - Qualifier at Traverse


JAN 14 - Finals at MVMNTM


Must have earned 12 points in qualifiers to be eligible

Pricing - 

$75 - until two weeks before a competition

$80 - two weeks or less

$85 - final 3 days

UNAA Qualifier

With the UNAA Finals coming to the West Coast for the first time, we decided to host a UNAA at Traverse for the first time ever!

Pricing - 

$75 early bird registration
$85 late registration (starting December 9th)
- Registration closes December 14th -

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