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We will be holding two World Ninja League (formerly National Ninja League) competitions in 2023! Both will be Tier 1 competitions. Tier 1 is the most competitive circuit for athletes. The athletes competing in Tier 1 have been competing for several years. Every competitor will get to run one course which consists of 10+ upper and lower body obstacles. If they fail an obstacle their official run is over and their placement is based on time of the last obstacle completed. After a fail, competitors may continue running through the rest of the course for fun until they finish the course or their time runs out.

Age Groups:

The WNL runs athletes in waves by age groups. The age group their in is determined by the athletes age before Jan 1, 2023

Kid = Ages 6-8
Mature Kid = Ages 9-10
Pre teen = Ages 11-12
Teen = Ages 13-14
Young Adult = Ages 15-17
Adult = Ages 18+
Masters = Ages 40+
Elite = 15+

Comp dates:


Young Adult - Elite Comp: April 22

Kid - Teen Comp: April 23


Cost is for each competition individually. Discounts do not apply.
Early Bird - $65
Regular (within 30 days from competition) - $70
Late (within 10 days from competition) - $75 

Spectator Pricing - $10



April 22

WNL Qualifier: Young Adults Age Group (15-17 years old)

WNL Qualifier: Adults Age Group (18+ years old)

WNL Qualifier: Elite Age Group (15+ years old)

WNL Qualifier: Masters Age Group (40+ years old)

April 23

WNL Qualifier: Kids Age Group (6-8 years old)

WNL Qualifier: Mature Kids Age Group (9-10 years old)  

WNL Qualifier: Preteens Age Group (11-12 years old)

WNL Qualifier: Teens Age Group (13-14 years old)

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