American Ninja Warrior Jr Training Team

American Ninja Warrior Jr is back for their third season and they’re looking for kids ages 9-14 to compete (age as of June 18, 2021)! We would love to see some of our Traverse ninjas get on the show and do well, so we’re starting an ANW Jr Training Team! 


We will be introducing them to professional techniques for overcoming any obstacle - Our Ninja Warrior Jr Team training sessions will help them approach the coming challenges with Growth Mindset, in a supportive and cooperative atmosphere of junior ninjas chasing the same goal. Parents are also welcome to attend! And encouraged to take video for their child’s submission.


On the mental side, they’ll learn and practice the strategies of professional ninjas: goal setting, obstacle analysis, mental course simulations, on-set preparation, and persistence in the face of setbacks & plateaus.


On the physical side, we’ll train with proper professional warm-up, Skills (specific obstacle improvement), Course Runs (multiple obstacles in succession), and cool-down/stretching routines as we review the day’s lessons. To compliment this, we’ll teach them techniques to objectively assess their strongest and weakest obstacles, and encourage them to use their strengths and work on those weaknesses to become the best overall ninja they can be.


We do want to make sure that everyone has realistic expectations with this. The casting process for the show is highly selective, and only a small portion of applicants are selected, as they receive an enormous number of applications for a limited number of spots. That being said, Traverse is one of the top gyms in the country to train at an elite level, and was founded by seasoned veterans who will not only help your Junior ninja stand out in their video, but will set them up to grow and learn by leaps and bounds. We expect this to be a life-changing experience for everyone on the team, and the skills and friendships they develop will be invaluable, whether they get selected this year or not.



On the second Jr Team training session (3/24), we’ll have a small seminar for the parents during the training with 13-time American Ninja Warrior Brian Kretsch on the casting process and what you can do to give your child the best chance of getting on the show. Applications are due by 4/30, but historically it’s best to apply as soon as possible.




We’ll be ramping up the training intensity in three phases, as we get closer to the show’s filming (June 18):


Phase 1

Wednesday's 6:00-7:30

We will meet once a week, focusing on getting them used to the format as well as giving parents the opportunity to get video for the application.

The dates we'll meet in Phase 1 are 3/17, 3/24, 4/7, and 4/14


Phase 2


Starting 4/21, (exact times and days TBD)

Wednesday's 6:00-7:30 & Saturday or Sunday

We will ramp things up, meeting twice a week. During this phase, the junior ninjas become stronger,  deepen their camaraderie, and learn more about the spirit of ninja. To cap things off for phase 2, we’ll be having an exclusive intrasquad (in-house competition) limited to the prep camp team. This will give them a chance to show off all of that hard work they put in, as well as afford them the opportunity to perform with a healthy amount of competition pressure. We'll have a prize for the winner!


Phase 3

This will be for kids who have gotten cast on the show. The schedule will remain the same, but there will be far more concentrated instruction and coaching due to the lower class sizing.



Phase 1 - $120

Phase 2 & 3 - TBD


  1. All ninjas & parents must be committed to applying for this season of ANW Jr!

  2. All ninjas must be between the age of 9 and 14 as of June 18, 2021

  3. All ninjas must wear a mask and follow our strict Covid Safety Guidelines


Spots are limited. Sign-up Below!